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fre. 25. mar.



GMTs The Holy Bang

It is time for a special show with GiggleMeThis!!!!

Man kan ikke længere tilmelde sig
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GMTs The Holy Bang
GMTs The Holy Bang

Tid & sted

25. mar. 2022, 20.00 – 23.00

UngK , Nørre Allé, 8000 Aarhus, Danmark

Om eventet

The improvised creation of the universe

Are you going to heaven or hell? GMT presents their godly improvised show. Inspired by the big bang itself and a word from our audience, the daring cast will improvise a brand new universe. For these brave souls, no action is too sinful, no act of God is too miraculous and no path to redemption is too risky. So sit back as we preach the good and the bad word to your ears!

With Patrick Cassels, Robin Bonné, Pakpoom Paul Sirihanyakorn, Niels Flensborg and Mathieu Durand. Directed by Blanca Pascual.

50 kr, payment at the door.


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